Sale Town Hall 

Rebecca and Stuart chose Sale Town Hall for their wedding service. Firstly it is a beautiful building and secondly the interior decor of this venue is stunning. The morning began at Eskdale Lodge,  where the bridesmaids  were  having their  hair and make up done. There was lots of fun and laughter as they all buzzed round getting ready. During this time Rebecca was very relaxed and also beaming with smiles!

From Sale Town Hall to Sale Golf Course

Shortly after photographing the men, Rebecca arrived at the Town Hall looking radiant and full of smiles. Her father looked so proud to be giving her away and theAfter an intimate and emotional service, the guests made their way to the Golf Course. Once here, they settled into drinks and canopies whilst mingling with the other guests.

Meanwhile I,  together with Rebecca and Stuart went to Walkden Gardens to for some creative photos. There where  many little themed gardens which were perfect for creative pictures. These included a Japanese garden, a daffodil gardens, a flowered arch, a dovecote, a maze and some beautiful walkways. There was even a forest at the far end of this garden too! Soon after we set off in the car towards Sale Golf Course where guests were looking forward to seeing the happy couple.

Sale Golf Club

On arriving at the Golf Club, some group photos were taken together with some of Rebecca and Stuart with their bridal party. The views of the golf course looked very tranquil and an ideal setting for a wedding. The decor in their wedding reception was beautifully decorated.

Soon after, everyone was whisked away for the reception meal.

Congratulations Rebecca and Stuart, it was wonderful being part of your special day.

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