Statham Lodge Wedding Photographer

Notably located on the edge of the historic village of Lymm is  where Francesca and Andrew had their reception. Despite the constant rain  Francesca arrived at the church  looking radiant and full of smiles. Francesca had previously lived in Australia and consequently did formalities slightly differently. For example, this was noticeable when walking down the aisle.  Firstly, came Pip, the mother of the bride, soon to be followed by the groom, Andrew with his parents. Following on from this came the bridesmaids came, each with a groomsman to hand. Finally Francesca looking stunning walked down the aisle  with her aunt and uncle.

The lady vicar performed a beautiful service with lots of hymns which were accompanied by a professional singer. As the light shone through the stained glass windows, it created a magical atmosphere on the special couple.

After The service

After the newlyweds  walked down the aisle, they returned to the front of the church. Here, I photographed the group pictures against the backdrop of the gorgeous stained glass windows. Finally, on leaving the church, brollies were soon  at hand as the happy couple made their way down the path to the waiting car.

Arriving at Statham Lodge Lymm

On arriving at Statham Lodge I took the opportunity to photograph the guests as Francesca and Andrew had some time to themselves. It really was a lovely place for a reception. With their warm log fire, it was the perfect setting for such a cold wet day. The winds were blowing a gale, so I knew that no amount of persuasion was going to involve photographs outside. Nevertheless there was still plenty of opportunity for creative photographs as I set up studio lights in their main room with large bay windows. Through the windows, the wonderful gardens of Statham Lodge could be seen, so despite the fact we were not outside, they still appeared in the photos ! 

A huge Congratulations Francesca and Andrew and thank you for choosing me to photograph your special day.

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