20 Stories Manchester

I’d heard so much about 20 stories Manchester, that I was delighted to be covering a wedding here. Being  situated on the 19th Floor in Spinningfields, Manchester, I found it an amazing venue for a wedding. It has the most spectacular views of  Manchester. Gareth and Ilaria were lovely to work with so I knew it would be a pleasure to photograph.

Before meeting the groom, I seeked out suitable locations in the surrounding areas for photos. Soon after, Gareth arrived outside 20 stories looking very dapper albeit a little nervous. By the time  I had taken his portrait, his family arrived lending more opportunities for photographs. After that, Ilaria showed up looking absolutely stunning. Being Italian it wasn’t surprising how fabulous she looked!

The Service

Sadly, due to Covid, their guest numbers were restricted to a maximum of 15 guests. Nevertheless this did not stop her family from viewing their service. A wedding guest fortunately filmed their service on zoom. Likewise, neither did it stop Gareth and Ilaria from smiling and enjoying their special day. Fortunately, those who were not present could still be part of their  lovely intimate wedding ceremony.

Outside 20 stories

After the service, drinks were served and guests mingled whilst enjoying the amazing views of Manchester. Meanwhile I took some lovely photographs of guests with the skyline view in the background. I also didn’t forget the most gorgeous looking cake. After, everyone zipped into the lift which surprisingly went from floor 19 to ground in seconds. Outside in the urban surrounding areas, I captured some group photos, followed by more informal ones. For the more creative photographs of Ilaria and Gareth I set up extra lighting. This, I felt made them look even more stunning!

It was a real pleasure to be part of your special day. Wishing you all the best !

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